Who We Are

We are a Financial Education organization with a mission to turn financial aspirations into reality, empowering BIPOC communities through education.

Imagine a community where financial dreams aren't just talked about but realized. At Livin' The Dream International, we help individuals that identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) break free of poverty through financial education. Under our guidance, individuals break free from financial stress, entrepreneurs flourish, and families experience proper stability. But our mission goes far beyond numbers; we focus on empowerment, mentorship, and legacy creation for good financial security for future generations. Join us in changing narratives--financial success is no longer a distant but achievable reality with Livin' The Dream International--where knowledge fuels empowerment and communities thrive!

Our Mission

To alleviate the poverty mindset, provide financial education, and empower individuals to live a life of success and sustainability.

Empowering Bonds That Shape Futures

Illuminating pathways towards progress through meaningful connections.

Our Innovators trust us as the guiding light, illuminating pathways toward meaningful progress. Through the power of impactful connections, we empower them to rise above challenges, embrace transformation, and manifest their aspirations into tangible achievements. With unwavering support, we foster an environment where dreams are nurtured, talents are honed, and success is realized. At Livin' The Dream International, our commitment is to be the beacon that guides and propels our Innovators forward, forging a future that is boundless with possibilities.

Meet Our Innovators

Discover our innovators' unwavering resilience and dedicated spirit as they courageously reshape their lives and inspire transformation.

Tokie Brown, Tokyo Beauti Bar

Tokie Brown

Tokyo Beauti Bar

Tokie's journey with us is one of resilience and transformation. When she first arrived, she was shattered into a million pieces, lacking the guidance to piece her life back together. In the embrace of our Design Your Life program, Tokie found the support she needed. Determined to rewrite her story, she set her sights on returning to school and obtaining her cosmetology license, specializing in esthetics. Today, having successfully graduated, Tokie's story has taken a radiant turn. She's the proud owner of Tokyo Beauti Bar, where she practices her artistry as a makeup artist and imparts her skincare wisdom as an educator. Tokie's journey exemplifies the heart of what we do – igniting dreams, fostering growth, and transforming lives through Livin' The Dream International.

Synell Dunn


Synell's journey with us is a testament to perseverance and empowerment. When she joined our Design Your Life Program, she was seeking support for her ambitious aspirations. Diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis as a child and spending a significant portion of her time in hospitals, Synell remained unwavering in her goal of becoming an author, determined to share her remarkable journey. Despite setbacks, including misinformation on publishing options and a laptop crash, Synell's determination burned brighter. Stepping in to assist her dream, we made it possible through our Dream Maker Project by providing her with a new laptop. With this gift, Synell finished writing her book and self-published it on Amazon. Her story is a living testament that dreams can come true, illustrating the heart and purpose of Livin' The Dream International – turning adversities into achievements and making extraordinary stories like Synell's possible.

Dominque Cartel

What? Seafood

Dominique's experience through Livin' The Dream programs is an inspiring testament to perseverance and change. A single mother of five, Dominique turned to our program seeking guidance and support as she balanced being a mother while earning her business administration certification at a local technical college. Dominique held firm to her goal of leaving an enduring legacy for her children during her time with us; instead, it became a personal quest for empowerment.

With a desire to provide her children with opportunities she never had, Dominique immersed herself in our programs, eagerly seeking knowledge to shape their futures. Dominique's dedication was proof of her devotion to giving them lives full of promise. Dominique harbored dreams of entrepreneurship, but the path was uncertain until, with help and mentorship offered within our community, she found her calling -- running a seafood business with hopes of owning a food truck one day. Not only did Dominique realize this dream, but she also saw an opportunity to strengthen family ties by employing her children within this venture!

Livin' The Dream International provides an environment where dreams are fostered, knowledge is power, and transformation is unlimited. Dominique is an inspiring example of the profound effect innovation and empowerment can have on an individual's life and a family as a whole.

Leslie Huggins


Leslie's journey stands as an impressive testament to resilience and transformation. Devastated by her daughter's senseless death to an act of violence, Leslie found herself reeling with grief and unable to find her way in this darkened world. After seeing comfort through our Design Your Life program, Leslie decided to channel her hurt into purpose: becoming a cosmetologist would ultimately pave a profound change for herself and those she touched around her.

With steadfast dedication, Leslie persevered through her education journey, emerging as a cosmetologist and an inspiration. From the ashes of grief came LesLoc - a testament to Leslie's passion for empowering individuals with natural hair to achieve their growth goals and find strength and beauty while honoring her daughter's legacy through work.

Leslie's journey encapsulates the essence of Livin' The Dream International--a place where tragedies can be turned into triumphs, resilience is celebrated, and individuals find support to rewrite their narratives. Her experience underscores our programs' profound impact in nurturing dreams and empowering lives far beyond imagination.

“Our paths may diverge in the journey to success, but what matters is that each step we take, no matter how small, brings us closer to the destination. Our paths may diverge in the journey to success, but what matters is that each step we take, no matter how small, brings us closer to the destination.”


Chantelle Davis

CFB Consulting Services


Gloria Perkins

(Retired) Operations Manager

Angelia Shellman

Kaleel & Associates

Legal Assistant

Carolyn Powery

Prestige Etiquette and Imaging

Business Owner

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